Guinea Pig Product Reviews

Guinea Pig Breeds

guinea pig breeds

1. American
2. White Crested
3. Satin versions
4. Silkie
5. Texel
6. Peruvian
7. Coronet
8. Merino (English Merino)
9. Lunkarya
10. Sheba (Sheba Mini Yak)
11. Abyssinian
12. Teddy
13. Hairless
13.1. Skinny
13.2. Baldwin
14. Colourations
14.1. Self
14.2. Ticked
14.3. Patterned

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Choosing Guinea Pig

guinea pig choosingSo you have resolved to find guinea pigs, selected where to purchase them out of, and figured out just how many you desire. At this time you’re confronted with the challenge of choosing a happy, healthy one to eliminate you. No issue. There are a number of approaches to help tell you whether or not your potential pet is healthy and fit.

– Can the guinea pig go around freely and easily? Look out for guinea pigs that proceed unnaturally jerkily, jump, or limp.

– Take a fantastic look in the conditions that the pig has been retained in.

Does this look like a great, healthful atmosphere for a guinea pig to be stored in? Can there be hay, is that the distance big enough, is there lots of water and food? Specifically, take a peek at the droppings from the enclosure to be certain they are firm and normal. Any discoloured or watery droppings may be indicative of bad health.

– Select up your guinea pig and analyze it.

Very attentively, you will have to analyze your guinea pig. Do not be worried if it attempts to run away from you, since it is completely natural if a creature hasn’t seen one before. Twist 1 hand beneath its abdomen and encourage its supporting by cupping it along with another hand. Take a fantastic look at your potential pet. Are its eyes shiny and bright? Is it is coat glossy and complete? Are its toes in good shape? In that case, then your thyroid gland is very likely to be in great health.

Guinea pigs must be curious and bright in mindset rather than lethargic.

The guinea pig’s coat needs to be well dressed (full, smooth and fluffy appearing), without the bare spots. Steer clear of guinea hens with bald patches or reddish patches of skin. Also check for soiling across the back end, because this might signal a issue with diarrhea.

Attempt to find a peek at the teeth, so that they shouldn’t be overgrown and ought to be well-aligned. Additionally, check for moist or matted fur around the brow.

See the guinea pig movement around, it ought to have no symptoms of lameness, stiffness, or reluctance to maneuver.

Examine the guinea pig’s environment. The crate ought to be clean, with great access to clean water and food, and not overcrowded.

Observe the way the guinea pig responds to individuals, many could be skittish at first but ideally, try to select a guinea pig that’s somewhat calm about being approached and fine with being treated.

Always be certain that the guinea pig is alert and active, however, a lethargic guinea pig might appear really pleasant just on account of the lethargy!