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Best Guinea Pig Harness – Buying Guide


guinea pig harness and leash buying guide

Harnesses comes in as a better alternative to a collar for a pet, whether a small pet as such as mice, rat, guinea pigs, and rabbits or a much bigger pet like a dog or a cat. These harnesses provide better control over the pets. Another great thing about pet harnesses is that they do not suffocate the animals. They do this by spreading out the pressure to the chest and waist along with the neck, rather than just putting all the pressure on the necks as in the case of a collar. This comes in as a better option for a pet owner, as well as the pet, allowing the owner a better, gentler and more subtle control over their pets. This can definitely help in creating a good pet owner relationship between the pets and their owners.

Buying guide for harnesses

A harness is less likely to break away or slip off than a collar when the pet is on the run. That is why a harness is a better option for a pet rather than a neck collar. It is safer and more comfortable, providing a boost in the comfort and mobility of your pets. Here is everything you need to know before buying pet harnesses.

  • Front locking clips or back locking clips.

A back-lock clip harness is a harness with a D-ring on the back between the shoulder blades. It is best and most suitable for small pets, or pets having breathing problems or any neck injuries. A front-lock clip harness is for pets that run or pull a lot, jump a lot, and the ones who get too distracted while walking.

  • Types of harnesses

Harnesses come in many types and varieties, like the tightening harness, head harness, mobility harness, the roman harness and the step-in harness. Different harnesses are for different conditions and they all provide different functionality; thus, one has to check for which kind of purpose they might need the harness for.

  • Durability of the harness

Harnesses comes in two different kinds of strength and durability, most particularly about them being a single-ply harness and a double-ply harness. Single-ply harness are constructed with a single layer of nylon or leather whereas the double-ply is made of two layering of nylon or leather.

ASOCEA Adjustable Soft Harness

An ultra-soft harness with a stretchy leash is the best choice to roam around the big beautiful world with your lovely friend. Being of high quality at an affordable price, it has features of both a leash and a harness and will let one travel with their pets with ease, without suffocating the pet. This soft harness is perfectly suitable for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and even cats and smaller toy-sized dogs. Basically, any animal whose weight is between 1.5 lbs to 4 lbs. is suitable for this harness. It comes with an extra nylon strap and a snap buckle to prevent the harness to slip off, and are elastically adjustable by the chest and stomach. The leash is stretchy and has great elasticity, with a length of 120 cm for outdoor uses. The hardwearing mesh material and the breathable nylon prevents suffocation of the pet. With this brightly coloured harness, you can make your pet look adorable and stand out from the crowd in comfort.


PERSUPER Small Animals Harness and Leash

This harness from PERSUPER comes as an alternative to collars for small pets or animals, as these evenly distribute the pressure along the chest and are designed to be gentle, putting less strain and stress on the neck while the owner pulls on the leash. The harness is machine washable for easy cleaning, and comes with a matching leash with it. It has a sturdy D ring for easy attachment and is made of soft, lightweight and breathable material, which is perfect for outdoor usage or walks in the park. Fits for small animals having a neck girth of 5.9”-7.5” and waist girth of 7”-8.5” come with a elastic leash. This capability allows it to be used on small animals easily. The leash comes in made of a stretchy material allowing one to pull their pets easily without suffocating them at all.


PERSUPER Soft Mesh Harness with Safe Bell

Specifically designed for the comfort of small pets and animals but is specially built for a rabbit, this harness is a great versatile item for owners of different smaller animals. It is completely adjustable and it provides a secure and comfortable fit. The harness is designed and constructed using only premium high-quality nylon, and the leash is durable enough to last for years easily. It comes with an easy on and off velcro clips and hooks, along with a ring bell on the neck. This easily prevents the pet from getting lost. The harness is easily able to fit small pets having a neck girth of 7”-10.2” and breast or chest girth of 7.8”-11.8” and the leash is 47.2” in length and 0.5” wide. This easily puts off any pressure from stress and strain while pulling the pet easily, letting it breathe comfortably and prevent any suffocations at all.


Trixie Guinea pig harness and lead set with motif

This nylon lead harness from Trixie is a super ultra-comfortable harness. It is super breathable, preventing the pets from any suffocation. Comes made with an extra-durable nylon composition allowing it to be long lasting. This comfortable harness comes in with an elastic leash of 120 cm of length and 1 cm of width, and the straps are made of soft nylon, giving less strain or any stress along the neck. This adjustable set is supplied with snap locks, with velcro hooks and patches to snap it perfectly around. The harness comes in various color choices giving a pleasant look to the pets, especially for a morning walk.


Trixie Pet Products Soft Harness with Nylon leash

Trixie harnesses are designed to be ultra-comfortable for the pets and are made of breathable material and soft nylon. This soft harness from Trixie comes with a sophisticated elastic leash, allowing easy travels in the park, and is made of soft padding making it ultra-soft and comfortable to wear. The extra-long nylon leash with a snap velcro buckle on it are fully adjustable and provide a perfect fit to the pets without suffocating them while pulling. The leash comes in with a length of 120 cm with a stomach circumstance of 18-25 cms.