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Do Guinea Pigs Need A Bed


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Guinea pigs are extremely wonderful to look at, with them running and roaming around looking for food and playing with other guinea pigs, or even if they are just taking a nap. Guinea pig sleep around 4 hours a day, button like humans or most of us anyway, they sleep in short bursts of 10-minute naps. Since these adorable creatures to be silly and very energetic, sleep is very important to them. That is why having the best guinea pig bed would do wonders not only for their health but also for their energy. That means a better environment for them and more enjoyable memories and moments with you as the pet owner.

Below are 5 of the best guinea pig beds in the market today.


Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle-E-Cup

Since 1866, The Kaytee company has been providing great and excellent services and products to both the guinea pigs and other small creatures together with their owners. The Kaytee company is quite known for their excellent feed especially for guinea pigs and pet birds. However, they are no slouch when it comes to pet accessories. They have been an industry leader for more than a hundred and fifty years that would explain the great thought that they give to their products. With such a long and prestigious history, they are keeping up with a tradition of excellent feed and excellent products for the smaller critters.

This bed is relatively inexpensive, measuring around 10 inches long 12 inches wide and 5 and a half inches high. Perfect for your cute little hamsters and guinea pigs, since they can all cuddle together while they take a nap. That is such a wonderful sight to behold. The filling is actually made of fleece, giving it better comfort for your pets. The bed is actually also machine washable meaning that it is very easy to clean. No more stinky beds for your cute little guinea pigs. It is very cozy and it is also very secure. All in all, I give this bed 4 stars out of possible 5.


SunGrow Woven Grass Bed

For the pet owners who prefer a more natural environment for your cute little critters to sleep on, this wonderful woven mat from the SunGrow company would be an excellent choice.  These mats are actually individually hand woven and are made of 100% all natural grass. That makes them the best possible napping spot for your little creatures. The great thing about this matter is that it is actually safe and edible for your cute little rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. You can be safe and secured that they will not be sick because they bit or ate their napping spots. Another great thing about this product is that it is extremely resistant to water. Also, the price just cannot be beat. Also, they are very easy to clean simply because woven grass is actually very durable and can resist getting very moist simply because it is actually an ingredient found in the wetlands. I give this around 4 and a quarter stars out of five.


Bwogue Guinea Pig Bed

For the guinea pig owners who would want to look at the guinea pigs sleep, this round velvet napping mat maybe what you are looking for. The company Bwouge is not that well known, but that does not mean that their products are inferior. They do not have any other products listed regarding pets so that means that they are just not reinventing the wheel. For those who want a straightforward unconventional napping spot, then this is the product for you. Hedgehogs and squirrels can also use this as the sleeping spot.

The product itself is actually very soft and warm. It is made out of soft fleece and is actually very light. This is also machine washable, making it very easy to clean. It has around 8.7 inches as the whole diameter and around 5 and a half inches as a sleeping spot. The colors are actually pretty to look at. I would say this is a great product and the price is very, very reasonable. I can give it 4 stars out of 5.


Kaytee Hammock with Stand

For the more creative and playful guinea pig owners, this is something that you really should have. This sleeping spot is actually designed as a hammock. That is a very creative idea and is also very fun to look at. Can you imagine a guinea pig taking a vacation? This a perfect product to showcase that. It looks very cute and is also very durable.

To the surprise of no one, this is actually offered by one of the leading companies for pet supplies, Kaytee. It is made with a strong nylon material and is very easy to assemble. It has a frame that can stand wherever and is also very sturdy and safe for your guinea pigs. The product itself ways around 3.4 ounces, making it relatively light but still very durable. It is a very cozy thing to look at especially with a hamster or a guinea pig swaying and taking a great nap. I would see this is one of the best guinea pig beds in the market today and can give it 4 and 3/4 stars out of 5.


Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed and Toys

Another woven grass pet bed, this product is also very interesting to look at because you can really see the craftsmanship added to this product. The company is actually Peter, which is a very interesting name for a company. So, this is a wooden grass bad which is actually safe for your rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters to chew on. It looks very tropical and is very fun to look at especially with your little creatures taking a nap. It is a bit on the heavier side waiting at 8.6 ounces. It is all 100% natural no preservatives added so you can be assured of the health of your pet. I will give it 4 stars out of 5.