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Guinea Pig Harness – The Best Top 5


Guinea Pig Harness

guinea pig harness

It’s natural for pet parents to only want to make sure that their pets are safe. This is why some people might think that a guinea pig harness can come in handy.

As these accessories are heavily recommended for dogs, some cavy parents might also want to join in on the fun. They promise safety if you want to take out your fluff ball in the yard. They can also encourage a bit of independence and exercise under the right conditions. Most importantly, they also look utterly adorable wearing what looks like a vest. These make such accessories quite irresistible.

Not every harness will be a good match for your pet, though. So, to make sure that you’ll end up with one that won’t sacrifice your pet’s safety, here are five top-rated options that we can suggest.

Guinea Pig Harness – The Best Top 5 Harness Reviews

best guinea pig harness

Adjustable Soft Guinea Pig Harness with Stretchy Leash

adjustable guinea pig harnessHarnesses are best recommended for dogs as it provides better control for owners without hurting their necks. For a small animal like a guinea pig, this also seems like a good idea, especially since cavies have very fragile backs. A harness might help you keep them from running away without hurting them with a harness that won’t put pressure on a specific point on their body.

For this job, you can consider the ASOCEA Adjustable Soft Harness with Stretchy Leash. This item is a vest-type harness so it will wrap around your pet nicely, ensuring that it won’t put a lot of pressure on specific areas of your pet’s body.

Your pet’s comfort is also greatly considered in the design of this product. It’s made with soft, stretchable nylon so it easily allows moment and will adapt to the contours of your pet’s body. It also has adjustable velcro closures for the neck and abdomen areas, letting you customize the fit for your pet.

While this harness is made for rabbits, it can also fit smaller pets from 1.5 lbs. Be very careful when using it with a guinea pig, however, as it is very stretchy. Your pet might be able to wiggle out of it, so only use it under close supervision.

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Guinea Pig Harness and Leash Set

guinea pig harness and leashIf you’re not really too particular about the functionality of your pet’s harness, the Guinea Pig Harness and Leash by RYPET – Harness and Leash Set for Small Animals might be a better fit for you. This harness mostly serves as a costume due to its unique design. It’s the perfect fit for those who want to turn their adorable critters into fairies or another fluffy winged creature. Thanks to the soft wings it features, you can make that happen.

This harness also has a very simple H-style harness design. This makes it highly versatile as the straps are perfectly easy to adjust. You don’t have to worry about your pet’s tummy getting squished as it has ample length to wrap around your pet’s body.

Its main feature, the cute wings, are made of a soft, padded material. It’s noted to be breathable so it won’t make your pet feel stuffy. It’s also machine washable so you don’t have to worry about tedious cleanups.

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Guinea Pig Adjustable Harness Leash Lead with Small Bell

guinea pig harness leashSome pet parents who just want a way to anchor their pet to them might not be after anything fancy. If you like your pet as is, that’s also not a problem. With the TEKEFT Adjustable Pet Harness Leash Lead with Small Bell, you can equip your cavy with a highly utilitarian harness.

Featuring the H-style harness design, this product may seem very simplistic to some. It’s straightforward and can get the job done rather well, though. This makes it a preferable option for lots of cavy owners.

Also available in two colors, blue and pink, you can also be sure that it doesn’t fall behind in the cute department.

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Guinea Pig Harness And Lead Set With Motif

guinea pig harness and leadAnother utilitarian option is the Trixie Guinea Pig Harness And Lead Set With Motif. Made especially for guinea pigs, you can be sure that this item will fit your pet perfectly.

Aside from the measurements, its H-style harness design also makes sense for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs aren’t exactly designed to add a few more layers of covering with their thick coat, so making them wear a vest may be too cumbersome on certain occasions. This is particularly true if they live somewhere warm and their main concern is their pet overheating.

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Soft Guinea Pig Harness with Leash-Nylon

soft guinea pig harnessIf you really like the look and fit of a vest-type harness, the Trixie Pet Products Soft Harness with Leash-Nylon is another good option. Available in a style that’s specifically made for guinea pigs, it guarantees a nice and secure fit on your fluffy one.

As for its comfort, you don’t have to worry about your pet getting stuffy. The material used is not just soft, but breathable as well. So if you don’t really live in a particularly hot place, this harness shouldn’t make your pet uncomfortable.

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Final Verdict

While a guinea pig harness can come in handy for various occasions, it’s still important to know that there are some dangers that come with it. Always remember that cavies have delicate spines, so it’s imperative that their backs don’t get to receive a tremendous amount of pressure.

You also have to make sure that the fit is right so they won’t get too squeezed or find a way to wiggle themselves out of the harness. The latter can spell danger, especially if you intend to use a harness so you can play with your pig in your backyard. If they can wiggle out of their harness, chances are, they’re going to escape.

Keep these in mind, including our top five picks, and you’ll find yourself a good guinea pig harness for your furry friend.