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How Does A Guinea Pig Water Bottle Work & How To Choose


guinea pig water bottle work

What Is The Best Water Bottle For A Guinea Pig?

You need to ensure that your guinea pig drinks the right amount of fresh water every day to maintain their health. One of the most popular ways to provide guinea pigs with water is through the use of a water bottle. So here we will look at the different types of water bottle available as well as some other important things about giving your cavy water.

Guinea Pig Water Bottles Work

Most guinea pig water bottles are small tanks that hold the water and a drinking spout, often made from steel, set at an angle at the bottom of the bottle. There is a ball bearing in the spout which prevents the water from dribbling out all over the cage floor.

The reason that most spouts are made from stainless steel is that they have to withstand the hard teeth that your guinea pig has. Even the most voracious guinea pig will find it really difficult to damage a steel drinking spout with their teeth.

You can usually attach a water bottle pretty easily to your guinea pig cage. Usually there is a clip that you use to attach the bottle to the cage. Alternatively some water bottles come with a wire cage you can adjust to fit. You can even get guinea pig water bottles that have stands.

The idea is that you attach the water bottle to the outside of the cage with just the spout protruding inside the cage so that your guinea pig can access it. Some people will place the water bottle inside the cage. This may be necessary if the openings in the cage are not wide enough for the spout to fit through properly.

Why do you need a Water Bottle?

Your guinea pig can be thirsty at any time of the day or night so you must ensure they have access to fresh water all of the time. A lot of people go out to work every day so you must make sure that the water bottle is full before you leave. It is a hygienic way to provide your cavy with the water that they need.

Another good thing about guinea pig water bottles is that you can monitor exactly how much water your cavy is drinking. If you notice that your pet is not drinking as much as usual or a lot more than usual then this can be an indication of a health problem.

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Can Guinea Pigs drink from a Bowl and is this a good idea?

guinea pig water bowl

Yes guinea pigs can drink from a water bowl but the problem is that the easy contamination of the water. Guinea pigs are active animals and in no time at all a water bowl placed on the floor of a cage will end up with bedding, hay and guinea pig waste in it. It is also likely that your guinea pig will tip the water bowl over.

There was research performed in Switzerland in 2016 which showed that guinea pigs prefer drinking from a water bottle than a water bowl. They would actually drink more from a water bottle each day.

The researcher’s concluded that the reason for this is that with a water bottle the guinea pig needs to perform a chewing like action to access the water. If there is one thing that a guinea pig really likes to do its chewing things.

At the end of the day a water bowl can be a potential health hazard for your guinea pig and we do not recommend that you use one. If your guinea pig tips over their water bowl and there is nobody around to fill it up again then they will not have anything to drink.

How Much Water Should Guinea Pigs Drink Per Day?

Your guinea pig will need around 100 milliliters which is about half a US cup. This is a guide because some guinea pigs will not drink as much as this and some may drink a little more. Give your guinea pigs water that you would drink.

Never be tempted to add salt or sugar to your guinea pigs water bottle. Definitely do not fill the water bottle with distilled water or alcohol. Some people want to add supplements to the water such as Vitamin C. This is OK but of your guinea pig has the right diet then they will not need a supplement in their water.

A guinea pig can get some of the water that they need from the food in their diet. Fresh vegetables and cucumbers all have water content. Don’t use this as a reason not to provide a separate water source though.

What is the best size Water Bottle for 1 or 2 Guinea Pigs?

best guinea pig water bottle for 1-3

Usually you can purchase small or medium sized water bottles. As long as they hold more than 100 milliliters of water this is fine for one cavy. If you have two guinea pigs then go for a larger bottle that will hold at least 200 milliliters of water.

Some guinea pig owners will provide a separate water bottle for each cavy. This is a good idea. You may not find that your guineas pigs will stick to the same bottle all of the time but this doesn’t matter. If they both drink out of the same bottle and the water runs out they will quickly switch to the other bottle.

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Different Types of Guinea Pig Water Bottle

There are a number of guinea pig bottles on the market. Usually the tank of a water bottle is either glass or plastic. If you are going for a plastic bottle then we recommend that you get one that is BPA free for your guinea pigs health.

If the construction of your guinea pig cage means that you have to place the water bottle inside the cage then go glass tank or a very sturdy plastic tank so that your cavy will not damage the bottle.

We would also recommend that you choose a cylindrical type water bottle over other shapes that may be available. A good reason to go for a cylindrical bottle rather than a square bottle is that they are far easier to clean properly.

Make sure that there is nothing sharp on a water bottle especially if you are going to place it inside the cage. If your guinea pig wants to drink at night and it is dark then they could easily injure themselves here.

Some guinea pig water bottles come with a double ball bearing arrangement in the spout so there is no chance of the water dripping out. You can get different sizes of water bottle as well and there are extra large bottles which are ideal if you have more than one guinea pig.

When you are looking for a guinea pig water bottle think about the capacity of the water tank, how you will fit it to the cage (does it come with a clip or other attachment device) and how sturdy the bottle needs to be (very important for bottles inside the cage).

What about plastic or glass water bottles? Well either is OK as long as the plastic bottle is BPA free. A recycled glass bottle is really high quality but glass water bottles are usually more expensive. Both are easy to clean and you can see how much water there is in the tank.

What about Cleaning the Water bottle?

Be sure to clean your guinea pig water bottle every day. You do not want algae to build up as this can harm your pet. We recommend that you use a bottle brush for cleaning. Every month it’s a good idea to use a sterilizing kit which is friendly to guinea pigs to prevent algae build up. Have a second water bottle so that your cavy can drink while you are cleaning.

Don’t forget to clean the spout of the water bottle. Sometimes blockages occur and if this happens then it will be difficult for your guinea pig to get a drink from it and it is also likely to leak due to the ball bearing jamming.

Top Up the Water Bottle regularly

You need to check the water level in the bottle at least once a day. If the weather is hot then your guinea pig will drink more so you may have to check the level more often. Some water bottles have measuring lines which show you how much water remains.

Where should you place the Water bottle?

It is essential that you position the water bottle in the right place. Place the water bottle in a location that is far away from their sleeping place. The reason for this is that if there is a blockage in the spout or some other problem causes the bottle to leak the water won’t seep into the bedding.

We recommend placing the water bottle fairly near to the food that you give your guinea pig. Don’t put it too close to the food otherwise any leaks could lead to the food becoming soggy and your cavy will not want to eat this.

Make sure that the water bottle is not in direct sunlight. Sunlight will speed up the growth of algae in a water bottle and before you know it the inside of the bottle will have green surfaces.

If you live in a cold environment then keep the water bottle away from the cold and drafts. As an example don’t place the water bottle near to a window. If the water in the bottle freezes then your guinea pig will not be able to drink.

Be sure to fix the water bottle at the right height for your guinea pig. If it is too high then your cavy will not be able to reach it. A water bottle positioned too low will mean that they will have to crouch right down to get a drink.

The ideal height for the water bottle is just above head height. All your guinea pig needs to do is look up and they will see the spout of the water bottle at a comfortable height for them to drink from.

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