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Best Guinea Pig Bedding Reviews

guinea pig beddingFurnishing your guinea pig’s bed is a lot like furnishing your apartment with every basic item you need. They’ll need items to eat and drink with. They need a source of entertainment. They need a toilet to relieve themselves. And, most importantly, they need a space where they can get cozy. This is where the search for the best guinea pig bed comes in.

It should be noted that beddings and beds are two different things for small pets. As the name suggests, the bed is where your fluff ball will sleep. The bedding is the material you line their cages in to help control the odor and moisture that your pet can create. Both contribute to your pet’s comfort, though, making them all the more essential.

In all honesty, choosing a bed for your guinea pig is pretty easy. You just need to consider the size, comfort, as well as the safety and quality of the materials. However, with all of the options available, the task can get challenging. So to help you find a good bed for your cavy, we made a list of a few products that they might like.

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Top 5 Best Guinea Pig Bed

best guinea pig bedding

Kaytee Guinea Pig Bed

Kaytee Guinea Pig BeddingIf you’ll look up cavy beds online, the Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle-E-Cup would probably be the first product that you’ll find. It’s a bestseller at several retail stores and can possibly be the most popular bed product for small animals.

While it doesn’t really look too unique or outstanding, it still gets a good job done. Its high sides allow guinea pigs to feel secure while curled up inside. It also has an ultra soft fleece lining so your pet can really get cozy in it. You can also strap it down on the base of the cage to secure it in a single spot.

Also available in a mini size, the Cuddle-E-Cup can actually fit a few small guinea pigs. It’s also suited for rabbits because of its size. The mini version is more suitable for cavies and other smaller animals.

What makes it a big hit is the fact that it’s very affordable and is very easy to maintain. This item is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about cleanups.

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Guinea Pig Cage Mat SunGrow

Guinea Pig Cage Mat SunGrowDespite their wide use, products made from synthetic materials can still pose dangers to people and animals. This is why a natural alternative can come in handy. SunGrow’s Natural Seagrass Mat is a known example of an all-natural bed for your pet, making it a solid pick for fluff balls with certain sensitivities.

Made from seagrass fibers, this mat is deemed safe for critters that love to chew on everything their teeth can chomp on. Because of its natural materials, it’s a lot safer to ingest instead of synthetic fabric. They’re also non-toxic and free of allergens, making it a far safer option for pet parents who want to really make sure that their pets are cared for.

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Guinea Pig Bed Bwogue Warm Bed

Guinea Pig Bedding Bwogue Warm BedIf you’re just after something that looks really cozy, grab a Bwogue Hamster Bed, Round Velvet Warm Sleep Mat Pad. One look and you’ll know that it’s going to be a cozy spot for your fluff ball. As it’s made with plush fleece, it can definitely feel lush, soft, and comfortable. Even your pet will love it.

Pet parents also love this product because it’s available in seven different colors. With this, you can customize the look of your pet’s enclosure easily.

However, some owners note that if you use wood shavings as beddings, they will cling to the outer material. This can be a bit bothersome but it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

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Guinea Pig Hammock with Stand by Kaytee

Guinea Pig Hammock with StandAnother very popular guinea pig bed is the Kaytee Hammock with Stand. This product has a lot going for it as it combines form and function to create one of the most useful and adorable pet products in the market.

The first thing that you’ll need to know about this Kaytee product is the fact that it’s utterly available. You’ll love just how cute your pet looks in this bed. However, this product doesn’t stop at being cute. They’re also very functional. As these fluff balls love climbing, the hammock can also serve as another obstacle course for your pet.

Opting for this bed is also fuss-free. It’s very easy to assemble and don’t require tools for its assembly so you don’t have to spend hours to put it up. You also don’t have to worry about its quality, as it’s made of top-notch materials.

What’s even better is the fact that this product is also available in four different colors. So not only is this product certifiably adorable, but you can even further choose the most attractive color for you.

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Guinea Pig Bed and Toys

Guinea Pig Bedding and ToysGoing for furnishings made with natural materials is a great way to ensure that your guinea pig won’t be eating anything that they shouldn’t be munching on. This is why you’ll find pet beds that are made from dried grass.

Like the seagrass mat, Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed and Toys is another all-natural option for your fluff ball’s cozy spot. Because of its non-toxic and 100% natural composition, you shouldn’t mind if they eat the whole thing.

This woven grass pet bed also comes with an option to get two woven grass balls as well. This gives you more ways to minimize your pet’s contact with synthetic materials. Instead of gnawing on plastic or synthetic fiber, they can just focus on these hay balls and entertain the both of you by toying with them.

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Final Verdict

Not because your cavy is fluffy on their own does it mean that they don’t need to get cozy. They actually love having a comfortable spot to lounge on, so providing them with such is a must. We hope these five products get to do the trick for your pet, as they deserve to get comfy after a long day of being cute.