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What Is The Best Fleece For Guinea Pig Cage : Complete Guide


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What Is The Best Fleece For A Guinea Pig Cage?

The jury is out on the best fleece for a guinea pig cage. A lot of guinea pig owners like the blizzard fleece and a lot also go for the anti pill fleece. We will explain more about these different types of fleeces later.

A lot of guinea pig owners are now using a fleece instead of bedding in their cages. If you think that this is strange please read on because it actually makes a lot of sense. One of the best things about fleece is when you wash it the liquid passes right through the material and it doesn’t absorb it.

It does not matter how many times that you wash and dry your fleece there is no liquid absorption which means that the surface is always dry and comfortable afterwards. Your guinea pigs will really appreciate this.

What kind of fleeces are available for a Guinea Pig Cage?

There are four main types of fleece that are available for a guinea pig cage. These are:

  • Anti Pill Fleece
  • Blizzard Fleece
  • Wool Blends Fleece
  • Glacier Fleece

Let’s take a look at each one of these.

Anti Pill Fleece

guinea pig anti pill fleeceInferior quality fleeces are prone to pilling. This means that threads in the material pull up to the surface when rubbed. Washing the fleece will rub it and cause the loose fiber ends to clump together and this forms balls or pills on the surface of the material.

Fleece manufacturers have tackled this problem by providing no pill or “anti pill” fleeces. The process used in the creation of anti pill fleeces usually entails packing fibers closer together and even twisting them together a lot more tightly. This leads to shorter fibers in the fleece.

Fleeces that produce pills or balls regularly are not a good idea for your guinea pigs. You do not want them to try and eat the pills and in no time at all they will make holes in the fleece because of the pills. Anti pill fleece is more expensive than normal fleece but it is worth it.

This Plush Anti-Pill Fleece Cage Liner will not pill, which is great because it has no little balls on fabric after washing. Another good feature is the pile is shorter and much tighter than regular Anti-Pill fleece, which makes the liner thicker, velvety to the touch and more absorbent.

I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy the Plush Anti-Pill Cage Liner from the listing on Amazon.

  1. Anti-Pill Fleece cage liner 47″ x 24″ fits Midwest Habitat cage
  2. Anti-Pill Fleece cage liner 18″x30″
  3. C&C 2×1 Anti-Pill Fleece Cage Liner
  4. C&C 2×2 Anti-Pill Fleece Cage Liner
  5. C&C 2×4 Anti-Pill Fleece Cage Liner
  6. C&C 2×3 Anti-Pill Fleece Cage Liner
  7. C&C 2×5 Anti-Pill Fleece Cage Liner


Blizzard Fleece

The main difference between blizzard fleece and anti pill fleece is the quality. During the manufacture of blizzard fleece there is a tighter weave of the fibers and this makes it more durable. You will usually find that blizzard fleece will last longer than anti pill fleece.

A number of guinea pig owners have reported thatpix11 their cages are a lot cleaner when they switch from anti pill to blizzard fleece. The looser weave used with anti pill fleece means that things will stick to it more.

Wool Blends Fleece

With a wool blends fleece you get a soft and deep pile which is very comfortable for guinea pigs. The pile is deeper than it would be with standard wool material. Some people prefer wool blends fleece because it is more natural.

Glacier Fleece

A glacier fleece has good weight to it and is good for warmth. You will see glacier fleece used in a lot of clothing lines for colder climates. Not many guinea pig owners will use this type of fleece in their cages.


Which one should to use?

fleece I should to useIt comes down to a choice between the anti pill fleece and the blizzard fleece in our opinion. You will probably find that the anti pill fleece is a bit cheaper than blizzard fleece so if you are on a budget then go for this. Don’t be tempted to go for inferior fleeces that will pill.

We highly recommend the blizzard fleece. The tighter weave makes it more durable and many guinea pig owners have switched from anti pill to blizzard because they get better results from using it.


The Benefits of Using a Fleece in your Guinea Pig Cage

benefit of using fleece

There are quite a few benefits of choosing fleece for your guinea pig cage. If you do not have a fleece then you will be purchasing wood shavings all of the time. You can save your money when you use a fleece. And of course you will also stop those wood shavings from ending up all over the place.

Just purchase some separate yards of fleece material and you can use to replace when you are washing another fleece. There is no limit to the amount of times that you can wash a fleece and then use it again in your guinea pig cage.

It is a good idea to use towels with your fleece and the whole setup is friendlier to the environment. There is little to no waste when you reuse a fleece and towels. Believe it or not your guinea pigs will love the color options that are available with fleeces. You have a lot of choice here and we recommend that you go for different color schemes to spice it up for your pigs.

Cleaning your guinea pig cage when you use a fleece is a great deal easier. Yes you will need to clean the fleece but other than that you are looking at some spot cleaning on a regular basis. When you use a fleece it will make your guinea pig cage look a lot cleaner and tidier than usual. It also adds a good touch of style to the cage.

Your guinea pigs will really like how the fleece feels beneath their feet. A fleece is very comfortable for them. As long as you clean the fleeces that you use regularly it will actually help to reduce the smell of your guinea pig cage.


What you need to know about Using a Fleece in your Guinea Pig Cage

You have to prepare a fleece properly for use in your guinea pig cage. We will take a look at this below. It is very important that you add an absorbent material with your fleece such as a towel. This will help to keep the surface of the fleece dry.

Using a fleece in your guinea pig cage means that you will need to clean it every day. You must get rid of the uneaten food, droppings and hay that your pigs will leave. You can vacuum your fleece or sweep it to get rid of everything. If you don’t clean the fleece regularly your pigs will have to contend with a mountain of droppings.

You will probably end up with fur from your guinea pigs caught in the fleece and you have to take steps to remove this as well. It is important that you have more than one fleece for interchanging because you will be doing a lot of washing and drying fleeces.


Preparing your Fleece for use

You cannot just buy some fleece and then add it straight into your guinea pig cage. Some preparation steps are required before you add the fleece to the cage. As soon as you purchase your fleece you will need to wash it and of course dry it a minimum of three times. This will assist with wicking. Please see the fleece washing instructions below.

After washing it is time for layering. Because liquids pass through a fleece rather than being absorbed there needs to be some absorbent material under the fleece to soak up the liquid. You have quite a few options for layers. A lot of guinea pig owners use old towels but you can also use newspaper, mattress pads or even puppy training pads.

The advantage of using old towels is that you can wash them and reuse them a lot. If you are no longer using these towels then they are a free option too. We do not recommend that you use more than one layer under the fleece.

If two layers are used then it will be more difficult for the liquid to pass through both of them. It is important liquids pass through your fleece fast. Add your towel or other layer to the cage first and then add your fleece on top of this.


How to Wash a Guinea Pig Fleece

Wash a Guinea Pig FleeceTo wash your guinea pig fleece properly it is not just a matter of throwing it into the washing machine. There is some preparation work to complete first. We mentioned daily cleaning of your fleece earlier and you need to go through these steps again before adding your fleece to the washing machine.

Use a brush to sweep off any debris or you can use a vacuum cleaner. There is likely to be hair in the fleece so use a rubber comb, such as a curry comb, to remove this hair. Just use this comb by running it over the fleece a few times and you should get rid of the hair. This will also remove any uneaten food, droppings or hay from the fleece.

Now it is time to add your fleece to the washing machine. You do not have to wash your guinea pig bedding fleece on its own. If you have other items to wash that are similar in texture or color then you can add those as well. Just use the detergent (without additives, coatings, fillers are best) that you normally use for washing.

We strongly recommend that you add some white vinegar to the wash. This is very good at reducing odors as it kills bacteria. Choose a high heat setting and run your washing machine for a cycle. You need warm water to clean your fleece properly.

You can either dry the fleece naturally or you can use a dryer. If you choose to use a dryer then select low or medium heat. Other items can also be included for drying if you have them. Drying outside or inside by air is another option but it will take more time. Having another clean fleece available is always a good idea so your pigs don’t have to wait too long.

*** No Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets.

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