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What Does It Mean When A Guinea Pig Squeaks Quietly And Others


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What does it mean when a guinea pig squeaks quietly? Well usually this means that they are happy and content. Guinea pigs often squeak as it is there way of communicating. They make other noises too and we will take a look at all of these and what they mean here.

Quite often a guinea pig will make quiet squeaking noises when you are holding them, snuggling with them or when they are just in a happy state. A guinea pig will know when feeding time is approaching and they may let out a quiet squeak in anticipation of this.

As with other animals, guinea pigs all have unique characters and some will make noises more often than others. There are some guinea pigs that will “talk to you” all of the time that they are not eating something or sleeping.

If you are a new guinea pig owner then you may be totally surprised about the different sounds and the amount of noise that these adorable creatures make. Each of the sounds has a different meaning and often these will indicate gratitude and anticipation.

You will hear a lot of sounds when there is food around. It is really quite amazing the range of noises that a guinea pig can make. They are not able to speak directly with you so they use other sounds to tell you how they are feeling and what they need. So it is up to you to interpret what the sounds mean. Use this guide to guinea pig sounds to help you.


The most common Sounds of a Guinea Pig

Describing certain sounds accurately with words can be a challenge but we have done our best for you here. We will also explain in what circumstances you are likely to hear the various sounds so that you can do your best to interpret them correctly.

There are a number of different guinea pig breeds and the good news here is that they all make the same sounds and they all have the same meaning. So let’s take a look at these various sounds and work out what your guinea pig is trying to tell you.


The Guinea Pig Wheeking Sound

You are likely to hear your guinea pig make a wheeking sound more than any other noise. The really interesting thing about a guinea pig wheeking is that they only tend to do it when they are around humans.

Scientists have conducted studies on this. They discovered that a guinea pig living in the wild will make wheeking sounds at all or very rarely. Only when a guinea pig has a human owner and becomes domesticated does a guinea pig start wheeking.

This means that wheeking is their way of communicating with us. Isn’t that amazing? And what does this wheeking sound mean most of the time? Well your beloved cavy is telling you that they are hungry and they want you to give them food!

So how do you recognize this wheeking sound? Well that’s easy because it sounds exactly as you read the word. Think about a dog that woofs or a cat that meows. The sounds that they make are identical to the way that you read the words aren’t they?

So when a guinea pig wheeks it is the same thing. Now we accept that some people might find it difficult to distinguish a wheek from another sound that a guinea pig makes. Most people will not have a problem with this though. The best way to be sure that it is a wheeking sound is to connect the noise with the situation at the time.

Most guinea pig owners schedule the times that they feed their pets. So if your guinea pig is used to receiving their first meal at 8 am then you are very likely to hear them wheeking just before this time. They are letting you know they are hungry and eagerly awaiting what you have in store for them.

The wheeking sound doesn’t have to be related to specific feeding times. If they notice you approaching the cage with one of their favorite treats then they can start to wheek because they are really excited about what is about to happen.


The Guinea Pig Whining Sound

Your guinea pig making a whining sound is something that you need to look out for. Usually your guinea pig will emit a high pitched whining noise (similar in a way to a moan and not usually a pleasant sound to hear) when they are frustrated about something.

It is very important for you to recognize this whining sound. Your guinea pig is telling you that they are unhappy about something. It may be something that you are doing right at the moment that you hear the whining.

Here is a classic example. Some guinea pigs are fine with you picking them up and others won’t be. So if you go to pick up a guinea pig that doesn’t like this then you are very likely to hear the whining sound. If they don’t like you picking them up there is not a lot you can do about it other than don’t pick them up unless it is entirely necessary.

If you own more than one guinea pig then you may hear the whining because of something another guinea pig did rather than you. Guinea pigs are very sociable normally and like the company of other cavies. But sometimes they will annoy each other through a specific action and when this happens a whining sound is often the result.


The Guinea Pig Purring Sound

If you think of purring you will probably relate this to cats. That’s understandable but you need to know that a guinea pig purr is totally different to a cat purr. Your guinea pig has a different anatomy to that of a cat so it is going to make a unique purring sound.

How do you recognize when your guinea pig is purring? Well it tends to be a long and low noise. Think about a sound that is somewhere in between the low purring noise of a cat and the quiet grumble of a dog. We hope that helps!

So why do guinea pigs make this purring sound? Well they usually purr when they are happy and content. If you are gently petting your guinea pig then you have more chance of hearing their low purr.

But a purr doesn’t always mean a guinea pig is happy. In fact there are different types of purring sounds a cavy can make and not all of these express positive emotions. You need to listen to the pitch and take a look at the body language too.

Sometimes a guinea pig will purr if they are feeling annoyed. This will sound different to a happy purr. If your guinea pig is feeling tense then the purr sound will have a higher pitch. In this case you need to investigate what is causing the tension in your guinea pig.


The Guinea Pig Growling Sound

Yes your guinea pig can make a growling sound and if they do this it is not usually a good sign. Usually a growl from your guinea pig means that they are feeling threatened by something. Often the growling is a “grrr” noise.

When you own more than one guinea pig you may hear the growling sound. This will usually tell you that the growling guinea pig does not consider there is enough room for everyone in the cage. They are territorial animals and if there is not much space to go around then this will be a threat to them.

Any number of things can make your guinea pig stress out. They are not big fans of change, so if you make changes to their diet or move their cage to another location then they may growl with discontent about these things. You need to understand that a guinea pig is very sensitive and that the smallest change can really stress them out.


The Guinea Pig Shrieking Sound

If you hear your guinea pig shrieking then just stop what you are doing and immediately go and find out what is wrong. A guinea pig shriek is a really sharp cry that is often frightening and alarming to hear. It is usually a sign that something bad is happening to your precious guinea pig.

If you hear this loud and high pitched shriek you will not mistake it for another sound. It is very distinctive and signals that your guinea pig is in pain or sensing incredible danger. A good guinea pig owner may never hear this shrieking noise because they do everything that they can to take care of their pet. But if you do hear it then act immediately.

Owners of multiple guinea pigs may hear this shriek occasionally because sometimes cavies will fight each other. One guinea pig may bite another which will lead to the shrieking. Another scenario could be that you own a cat and this is terrorizing your guinea pig.

So if you hear your guinea pig shriek then remove the danger first if this applies and then spend time trying to make them calm down.


The Guinea Pig Chutting Sound

You may not have heard of this before and a lot of guinea pig owners never experience it. If you do hear your guinea pig make a chutting sound then there is no need to worry as it is another way for them to express happiness.

The chutting noise sounds as you read it. If your guinea pig likes you to stroke them then they may well make the chutting noise. Only a few guinea pigs will chut and nobody understands why this is.


The Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering Sound

Finally we have the teeth chattering sound. Here your guinea pig will squeak rapidly and bare their teeth to you as if they are yawning. This means that their teeth are chattering and they are telling you that they are angry and that you need to back off.

It is most common to hear teeth chattering when you own more than one guinea pig. When you first introduce two guinea pigs to each other the teeth chattering can certainly occur. The anger is usually over territory protection. After a while the guinea pigs will get used to each other and the teeth chattering should stop.




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