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8 Reasons Why C&C Cage Is The Best Cage For Guinea Pigs


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Why A C&C Cage Is Best For Your Guinea Pig

Over the last few years there have been many guinea pig owners that have turned to C&C cages. There are certainly good reasons for this. If you don’t know C&C stands for “cubes and coroplast” which refers to the cube storage grids and the plastic material (coroplast) used by many sign makers that are used to construct the cage.

Many people are now making their own C&C cages. It is very cost effective to do this and it only requires a bare minimum of DIY skills and tools to construct a guinea pig cage. One of the best things about building a C&C cage for yourself is that you can design it so that it will fit exactly into the available floor space that you have.

If you don’t fancy building your own C&C cage or don’t have the time to do it then there are online stores where you can purchase a cage to meet your requirements. Whether you build it yourself or purchase it we believe that a C&C cage is the very best available for your guinea pig.

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What exactly is a C&C Cage?

C&C cage

A C&C cage is modular in design and constructed from cube storage grids and coroplast material. Sometimes you will see coroplast referred to as “correx”. The cube storage grids are connected together to form the base and the walls of the guinea pig cage. They are joined together with connectors and / or cable ties.

After completing the structure of the guinea pig cage the coroplast is cut to fit exactly inside the structure to provide the floor. There is also an overlap created with the coroplast which fold so that they touch the walls of the cage.

What are the Major Advantages of a C&C Guinea Pig Cage?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with guinea pig cages is that they buy one that is too small. If your guinea pig has to live in cramped conditions then they will not be happy. This can cause a lot of stress for your cavy and they can actually become sick from this. You always need to provide a cage that has ample room for your pet.

1. C&C Cages provide larger floor space

When you buy a C&C cage it will always have a larger floor space area than the minimum specified by the Humane Society which is 7.5 square feet. If you build your own C&C cage then you can make it as large as you want. A lot of people keep more than one guinea pig and if you do this then they will require even more room.

A C&C cage is all about floor space. A fancy guinea pig cage from a pet store that has two different levels is useless because your cavy doesn’t like to climb and is very unlikely to go up to the second level. Additional levels do not provide more floor space for guinea pigs.

The same is true of guinea pig cages with ledges. OK these ledges can be useful for food bowls and water bottles but they do not add to the available floor space. A pet shop employee might try to convince you this is the case but it isn’t.

2. You can have different designs with C&C Cages

You can have a C&C cage in different designs. Maybe you need an “L” shaped cage because of the restricted space that you have available for the guinea pig cage. If you are building the cage yourself then literally anything goes. Your guinea pig will not care if their cage is “L” shaped or any other shape as long as they have a lot of floor space.

3. You can add Accessories to a C&C Cage

Don’t feel that you are restricted when it comes to accessories with a C&C cage. You can easily alter the grids to accommodate a hay rack, provide futons and tunnels and create play pens by using cable ties to connect everything together. You can also easily add another level to a C&C cage if you think that your guinea pig will be interested in this.

4. No need for a top on your C&C Cage if you don’t have other pets

If you only keep guinea pigs and you do not have any other pets in your home that could be predators such as cats then there is no need for you to add a top to your C&C cage. This is great for increased airflow and it makes it really easy for you to add things to the cage and pick up your guinea pig for a cuddle.

5. C&C Cage Materials will never harm your Guinea Pig

The materials used to construct C&C cages will not harm your guinea pig. There are no dangerous chemicals to worry about. A guinea pig is a curious animal and will chew anything in its path. If your cavy chews the coroplast then there is no danger. You cannot say the same about some pet store cages – especially those made from inferior materials.

6. C&C Cages do not have sharp edges

You will not find any sharp edges on a C&C cage either. One thing that you do need to check is the trimming of cable ties. Improperly trimmed cable ties can leave some sharp pieces. Just take a pair of scissors to them to fix the problem.

7. It is normally easier to clean a C&C Cage

Cleaning a C&C cage is usually a lot easier than cleaning a pet shop cage. Of course the level of cleaning difficulty depends on the type of bedding that you choose for your guinea pig cage. Guinea pig cages with lots of ledges are often a challenge to get really clean. The simplicity of a C&C cage makes thorough cleaning an easier task.

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8. Pay close attention to Cube Storage Opening Sizes

One very important aspect of a C&C cage is the size of the openings in the cube storage grid. If these are too small then it is possible that your guinea pig could get their head stuck. They may even suffocate if this happens. So check that the storage grid openings are at least 9 by 9.

One drawback with a C&C cage is that it is not easy to move around. With some of the lightweight guinea pig cages available from pet stores it is easy to lift them up and transfer them to another location.

Is a C&C Cage right for every application?

Because C&C cages are so flexible there are very few situations where they are not the best choice for your guinea pigs. However, there is one situation where they may not be the best choice.

If you have a pregnant guinea pig or are planning to adopt baby cavies then you will need a guinea pig cage that has smaller spaces between the bars. This is because the baby guinea pigs can get their heads stuck in larger openings. It has nothing to do with them trying to escape.

You must do everything possible to protect your guinea pigs whether they are adults or babies. So pay careful attention to the size of the openings between the bars. There have been cases where guinea pigs have died of suffocation because they got their heads stuck.

How Much Is A C&C Guinea Pig Cage?

It depends on the size of the cage and whether you purchase it ready made or build it yourself. There are a number of specialist stores online where you can purchase a C&C guinea pig cage. They are even available on Amazon these days.

You can pay anywhere from $75 to over $100 for a C&C cage online. Then there will be delivery charges on top of this. Larger cages will cost more. You may find it really difficult to buy a C&C cage from a supplier that will comfortably house three or more guinea pigs.

If you decide to make your own C&C cage then you will save money. You would probably spend around $40 to $50 on the cube storage grids and the coroplast needed to make the cage. These are estimated costs and if you want to build a really large cage then you will have to spend more on materials.

So where can you buy the materials required to build your own C&C cage? Well you may be able to find the cube storage grids in large stores near to you. Obtaining the coroplast may prove more of a challenge. This is the same material that many sign makers use so check for companies that make signs in your area.

It is now possible to purchase everything that you need to make your own C&C cage on Amazon. This includes the cube storage grids, the connectors to keep the grids together, the tape required to bind the coroplast corners together and the coroplast sheets as well.

best C&C Cage for 1 or 2

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Where Can You Buy Coroplast For C&C Cages

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*** But I recommend you to use fleece cage liner on the top because fleece absorbs moisture away from upper layer and keep your guinea pig’s feet stay clean and dry.

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Now get your C&C Guinea Pig Cage

We have given you several reasons why the C&C cage is the very best for your guinea pig. They provide a large amount of floor area space, they are safe and they are pretty inexpensive to buy or build. Your guinea pig will love their C&C cage we guarantee it.