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Everyone Must Attend The 10 Colon Cancer Warning Signs


colon cancer warning signs

A disease that begins in your colon or large intestine is popularly known as Colon Cancer. At present it is one of the most common types of cancers that can easily develop in men and women both. Though, mostly the problem of colon cancer is experienced after the age of 50 years but various studies conducted in recent past have revealed that it can occur much earlier than 50 years of age. Many teenagers and young adults have been diagnosed with the problem of colon cancer during the last few years.

In the early stages, this problem can start as a tumor of non-cancerous nature. In such conditions, only screening is suggested by the doctors to diagnose the problem after the age of 50 years if no symptoms of colon cancers is detected. They suggest screening at this age due to increase in the risk of colon cancer can. Still there are certain signs which you cannot ignore after the age of 50 years as they can be caused due to colon cancer. Some of these signs are briefly described here under for your guidance.

11. Stool Changes and What They Mean

While in toilet you should observe your stool as its condition can reveal rarely known symptoms of colon cancer. If the color of your stool changes to maroon or dark red and sticky in touch then it can be due to internal bleeding caused by colon cancer. According to experts, though abdominal ulcer can also cause changes in the stools but the possibility of colon cancer can also not be ignored. Normally bowel movements between stools can also be experienced by you. Experts further say that if the shape of your stool changes from chunkier to ribbon like narrow and skinny then it can be due to some problems caused by polyps in the colon.