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Don’t Ignore Top 10 List About Cervical Cancer Warning Signs


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One of the diseases affecting women that kill them slowly is cervical cancer. This is not only because the disease does not have visible signs and symptoms at the beginning but also because its signs and symptoms are not very specific. This is the main reason as to why it is complicated to treat the disease once the patient realizes that they have the disease. The signs and symptoms of cervical cancer will be present for some time. However, it will be very difficult for them to realize that they are suffering from the disease unless you visit the doctor. It is always advisable that when you realize that you have some signs that indicate the presence of any disease, you visit the doctor. This is because it might be the signs of cancer, and it will require you to take immediate treatment. The following are the ten warnings of cervical cancer that you should not ignore:

1. Abnormal bleeding in the vagina

Many people view abnormal bleeding in their vagina as a sign of hormonal imbalance, infection in the pelvic parts, and also pelvic inflammatory diseases.

However, abnormal bleeding in the vagina is one of the warning signs of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer, like other types of cancers, spreads very fast in the body tissues. As cervical cancer spreads, abnormal capillaries will be formed, causing the bleeding, and hence, with time, there will be abnormal in the vagina. The capillaries will break more when you are experiencing menstrual periods, and also after sex.



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