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The Best Vitamin C For Guinea Pig


There are lots of reasons why guinea pig owners want to dispel the misconception that these creatures are the best starter pets. Cavies demand a lot of care, so they shouldn’t really be the first pets kids should have. The requirement for the best guinea pig Vitamin C supplement proves this.

It might be easy to dismiss this specific need, but if you don’t get to meet this requirement, your cavy can really suffer. Like humans, their bodies don’t have the capacity to produce vitamin C. They need to get it elsewhere or they can get scurvy. This disease will put your fluff ball in pain, which is why it should be avoided at all costs.

As long as you know that you need to do it, ensuring that your pet gets enough vitamin C is pretty easy. There are vitamin C products that are specifically made for guinea pigs, so you just have to find the right one for your pet. To help you with that, here are five of the top-rated options available today.

Top 5 Best Vitamin C For Guinea Pig Reviews

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Oxbow Guinea Pig Vitamin C Supplement

Guinea Pig Vitamin C SupplementOne of the best vitamin c for guinea pig, the ways to add something new to any pet’s diet is by hiding it in their food. This way, they won’t be able to tell the difference. This is why lots of pet parents like the Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C Supplement because they’re a lot like their regular food pellets. They can munch on it like they would on their regular food so they can get the additional nutrient they need.

By opting for this product, you and your pet won’t have to get stressed out. You worrying that your pet is not getting their required nutrients and your pet fretting about you forcing them to eat something they don’t want will only make things go downhill. By eliminating the hassle of introducing a new food to your piggy, then, everyone will be happy.

Hay-based and packed with fiber, this Vitamin C supplement is specially designed to assist the improvement of your pet’s health. Each tablet contains 25 mg of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C which already meets their daily requirement.

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Kordon Oasis Vitamin C Drops For Guinea Pigs

Vitamin C Drops For Guinea PigsIt’s normal for any pet to be picky with their food, so sometimes, vitamin C tablets won’t be favored by piggies. You shouldn’t give up in making them take their supplement, though. With the help of the Kordon Oasis Vita-Drops Guinea Pig Multi-Vitamins, you’ll be able to sneak in their daily dose of vitamin C and a few other vitamins in their food.

Available in liquid form, you can add the Oasis Vita-Drops into your fluff ball’s drink or their food. Two drops for every ounce of water in their water bottle is enough. It’s better to put only a little water at a time if you’re going to take this route, though. As Vitamin C oxidizes easily, it shouldn’t sit in your pet’s drinking station for days.

If you want to add it to their food, put 3 drops on the surface of their meals. You have to make sure that the morsels you put vitamins on will be consumed by your pet for best results.

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Kordon Oasis Pure Liquid Vitamin C Drops For Guinea Pigs

Liquid Vitamin C Drops For Guinea PigsWhile multivitamins sound like a better deal when ensuring your pet’s health, some vets might not think that your pet will need as much. This is particularly true if your fluff ball gets to eat a lot of fruits and veggies. In such case, they might only need vitamin C.

For this need, the Kordon Oasis Vita-Drops Concentrated High Potency Pure C for Guinea Pigs can be a good pick. This product is a pure and highly concentrated vitamin C for guinea pigs so you’re guaranteed that it can give your pet the nourishing it needs.

A 2-ounce bottle already offers 2120 mg of vitamin C. This translates to 25 mg of vitamin C or every 2 drops which meet the daily requirement without a fuss.

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Vitakraft Vitamin C Foods For Guinea Pigs

Vitamin C Foods For Guinea PigsGiving your guinea pig some treats is a nice way to bond with them. If your piggy loves them, then you can take advantage of this to give them their Vitamin C. The Vitakraft Guinea Pig Drops can help you do this as it is designed to be served as a treat that doubles as a vitamin supplement.

Featuring yogurt and orange flavors, this best vitamin c for guinea pig can easily excite your fluff ball’s taste buds. They also have whey and a good dose of fiber to help boost your pet’s health and digestion.

However, it should be noted that there are reports of this product melting and melding into one large blob during the hot months. You can still easily break it off and give chunks to your piggy when this happens. It’s also very important to keep it in a cool, dry place to preserve the ingredients’ integrity.

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Oxbow Vitamin C Foods For Adult Guinea Pigs

Vitamin C Foods For Adult Guinea PigsFor a more convenient way to ensure that your piggy is getting the right amount of vitamin C, the Oxbow Essentials Cavy Cuisine for adult guinea pigs can do the trick. This product is nutritionally complete pellet food for your fluff ball that is designed to meet all of their dietary requirements.

Aside from having high fiber as well as low calcium, protein, and calorie content, it also has some stabilized vitamin C. With 400 mg of Vitamin C per kilogram of this product, it can already meet a huge percentage of your pet’s dietary requirements. By adding more fruits to their diet, you can already ensure that they’ll meet their 25 mg daily requirement.

The best part about opting for a nutritionally complete guinea pig food is you don’t have to bother introducing something new to your pet. If they’re used to pellets, there’s a good chance that they’ll enjoy this, too.

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Final Verdict

Ensuring your pet’s wellness is one of the most important responsibilities being a pet parent comes with. So if you haven’t been providing your piggy an additional source of vitamin C just yet, it’s time to do so. We hope our five picks of the best vitamin C for guinea pig can make this task simpler, so make sure to check out these products.