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Guinea Pig Hay Rack – The Top 10 Safe & Mess-Free


guinea pig hay rack

Choosing Guinea Pig Hay Rack

guinea pig hay rack choosingGuinea pig hay rack is hay feeder. Feeders are some of the most important accessories that a pet should have. They come in every shape, style, and size, giving pet parents ample options to find a good match for their pet. This is especially true for guinea pig hay racks, although, navigating through the sea of options can get tricky.

As every cavy parent knows, having some hay in a guinea pig enclosure can get messy. The cuddly critters can find ways to scatter the hay inside. They can even contaminate their feeder if the design is not the best fit for them. There’s also the danger of your pet’s limbs and extremities getting stuck in the rack, so you have to be extremely careful in choosing what to add to their cage.

To help you find a safe and mess-free guinea pig hay rack, we rounded up ten of the top-rated products available today:

The Best Guinea Pig Hay Rack

best guinea pig hay rack

Mkono Guinea Pig Hay Rack

mkono guinea pig hay rackCages get all messed up and hay gets wasted when small animals pull too much out of their feeders. So the Mkono Hay Feeder Manger Rack solved the problem by holding the hay in place with a spring-loaded grill that also serves as the frontage of its unit. Combined with a durable plastic body, it ticks all the boxes for a good and safe small animal feeder.

With its spring-loaded grill design, you can be guaranteed that the hay will always stay in place. Your pet won’t be able to pull out a lot from its clutches, so they can be discouraged from creating a mess. They have to be pretty determined to get their food, too, so it might just condition them to not play with their food.

Another great feature about this product is that it’s designed to have wide spaces between the grills, so it won’t trap your pet’s head or tiny feet. The grills are also exclusively found on the front of the unit, so you don’t have to worry about weirdly-shaped corners that can be dangerous to your pet.

Spacious, sturdy, well-designed, and affordably-priced, the Mkono Hay Feeder Manger Rack might just be the perfect pick to help you keep your fur baby’s cage safe and clean.

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Niteangel Wooden Guinea Pig Hay Rack

niteangel wooden guinea pig hay rackIf your fluff ball is quite the chewer, you might not be too keen on adding plastic parts to their cage. So a nice alternative would be the Niteangel Grass and Food Double Use Feeder, Wooden Hay Manger as it is made of pine wood. This makes it quite sturdy which is perfect for those strong jaws.

As the name suggests, this product double duties as a feeder and hay manger. It’s designed with a partition creates dedicated spaces for hay and pellets, letting you put all of your pet’s food in one area. This makes feeding a lot more manageable, making one of the most demanding pet parenting tasks simpler.

Don’t let its basic and straightforward design fool you, though. This product can really be a good match for many pets, especially for curious cavies, as it can be attached to any wire cage. It even comes with high-quality mounting parts so you don’t have to worry about how it will hold up your pet and their food’s weight.

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Misyue Plastic Guinea Pig Hay Rack

zoez plastic guinea pig hay rackYour pet’s cage accessories’ maintenance is another important consideration for any responsible pet parent. So if you want to make sure that your fluff ball’s home will always be spic and span, it’s best to choose products that are easy to clean. Misyue Small Animal Supplies Plastic Pet Rabbit/chinchillas 2 In 1 Feeder Bowls are excellent examples of such.

Thanks to their antibacterial ABS material, these feeders are very easy to clean. You can easily wash the unit so you can be sure that old hay and other gross things are not stuck in it.

The overall design of this product is highly noteworthy as well. Being a 2 in 1 feeder, this product can be a convenient and efficient accessory for your pet’s cage. It can hold both hay and pellets without a fuss, making the maintenance of your pet’s cage simpler. It’s also a great plus that it comes in different colors so you always have options when it comes to furnishing your pet’s home.

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Mkono Hanging Guinea Pig Hay Rack

mkono hanging guinea pig hay rackThose looking for a way to completely keep their cavies out of their feeders should consider an outside-mounted unit. A top pick for such is the Mkono Hanging Hay Feeder Manger Rack for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla.

Due to their design, you don’t have to place these feeders inside your pet’s enclosure. You actually need to hang them outside of the cage to keep your pet from making a mess in or with the hay. This particular Mkono product employs a very simple design as it makes use of your pet’s cage as its actual grills to keep the hay from spilling. Its curved design is also very useful to prevent hay waste and provide easy access.

Made with a BPA-free material, you don’t have to worry about this Mkono feeder’s chemical composition. It won’t leach harmful substances into your pet’s food, so you can be sure that it’s safe to use.

The best part? It’s very affordable. Thanks to its simple but effective design, it doesn’t have to be pricey to be completely effective.

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Living World Hay Feeding Station for Pets

Most pet parents are also suckers for everything cute and adorable accessories for their pets. If you’re one of them and you want a fun and functional piece that will make the most out of your pet’s real estate, check out the Living World Hay Feeding Station for Pets.

Fashioned after an exercise wheel but meant to hold hay, this product will definitely add some entertainment inside your pet’s enclosure. The moving nature of the feeder can keep your pet interested and may even encourage their foraging nature. It can also be endlessly interesting to watch them eat from it.

If you’re worried that it might be too troublesome for your pet, fret not. It’s designed to be fully functional. It has holes on every side, so your pet can access their food easily. You’re also provided some versatility when it comes to the unit’s placing as you can easily position it on the floor of the cage or mount it on the walls.

Lots of pet parents also like that it has small gaps. This guarantees that your pet’s tiny feet and head won’t get trapped in any of its parts that can cause them harm.

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Natural Wooden Guinea Pig Hay Rack Manger

Natural Wooden Guinea Pig Hay Rack MangerAnother good feeder option for chewing fiends is the Natural Wooden Hay Manger. Like the other hay manger from Kaytee in this list, this product is also made of pine wood. This makes it an alternative choice from the plastic and metal products available in the market today. This also guarantees sturdy construction that can withstand a good amount of chewing.

Aside from its solid make, lots of pet parents also love its simple yet classic design. It looks dainty and might even pass as a rustic stationery holder in some cases. It’s definitely adorable, making it a great match for your equally adorable pet.

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Ware Manufacturing Hay Ball

Ware Manufacturing Hay BallWhile hay balls aren’t always favored by lots of experts and small critter pet parents, the Ware Manufacturing Hay Ball is still worth looking into because of its unique details. Unlike other hay balls, this product is designed to hang from the roofing of your pet’s cage. This makes it impossible for them to squeeze inside the ball and get stuck.

Made from metal, this hay feeder is also a good pick for strong chewers. It can withstand your pet’s incessant gnawing so you don’t have to worry about them ingesting splinters or plastic bits that can mess up their system.

The cutest part of this product is the bell that comes attached to it. This can tell you whether your pet is eating well, letting you monitor them closer without having to keep your eyes glued to their cage.

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Emours Bin Feeder Hay Bowls

Emours Bin Feeder Hay BowlsOrganized bin style feeders are, without a doubt, some of the best options for small animal cages because of their efficient design. This is why the Emours Bin Feeder Cage Bowls Food Hay Bowls for Small Animals are also popular picks among practical pet parents as of late.

Made of high-quality plastic, you don’t have to worry about your pet chewing off the parts of this hay rack. They won’t really get to do that as it is constructed to be very sturdy.

Its design is very noteworthy as well. Aside from the dedicated spaces for hay and pellets, its chrome painted divider tends to add elegance to the unit. The color is a great touch, too, as it is very eye-catching.

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Guinea Pig Hay Rack by Ware Manufacturing

For a completely fuss-free hay feeder, you should also check out the Ware Manufacturing Hay Feeder with Free Salt Lick. Made completely of metal, this product doesn’t require much maintenance and is very sturdy. This makes it a great pick for pet parents of guinea pigs that chew a lot and creates massive messes.

Because the unit is just practically a pair of grills fashioned into a manger, there’s not a lot of cleaning required to keep it hygienic. The material can also help you keep your pet from gnawing their feeder to oblivion. It guarantees long-term use and more value for your money.

A nice plus to this feeder’s design is its salt lick holder. If your pet requires additional sodium or mineral in their diet, you can purchase a salt or mineral spool from the pet store. However, be careful in making such items available to guinea pigs as not everyone needs them.

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Kaytee Interpet Limited Superpet Roll The Hay Wheel

Kaytee Interpet Limited Superpet Roll The Hay WheelA classic product for cavy parents is the Kaytee Interpet Limited Superpet Roll The Hay Wheel. Composed of durable plastic and wire grills for easy access to the hay, the design for this unit is one of the most widely used for hay feeders in the market. This makes it a dependable and reliable option for those who want a quick solution to their fluff balls’ messy cages and contaminated hay.

Like the Living World Hay Feeding Station, the Roll the Hay Wheel is also very versatile. You can hang it on the walls of your cage, let it stand on its own inside the enclosure, or be used as a ball. Just make sure to note the dangers of using these feeders as balls so you can avoid them.

Thanks to its design, it can also add a lot of fun in your pet’s home. They can have a great time playing with the unit, giving it more functionalities. You’ll also have a great time watching them play with this feeder as it will look really adorable.

Available in different colors, this product can also help spruce up your fluff ball’s enclosure. Their vibrant hues will definitely help liven up your pet’s space, making it a more attractive option.

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This guinea pig hay pouch might be a good choice for those who want guinea pig cage and everything looks neat and clean. This product has 2 sizes Small 9x11x1.5 inches and Medium 18x11x1.5, inches designed with a 1000D nylon that will hold up tough against claws and teeth but not recommended for normal cages, this perfect for my C&C cage.

guinea pig hay bag

I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy this guinea pig hay pouch from the listing on Amazon.

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Final Verdict

There are tons of benefits a good guinea pig hay rack can bring to any cavy enclosure. For one, it will help you skip the hassle of constantly cleaning up your pet’s mess. If their hay is neatly kept and contained, you don’t have to worry about your pet taking them all out just to get them dirty and waste them. This can also ensure that your pet won’t eat soiled hay.

All of these guinea pig hay racks are guaranteed to be top rated and best-selling products available in the market today. They’re greatly received by lots of pet parents so you can be guaranteed that they work well.

Of course, it’s still up to you which one to opt for.  We hope this list gets to assist you in weighing your options so you can be sure to provide a dependable and safe feeder for your fur baby.