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How Often Should You Give A Guinea Pig Vitamin C


how often give vitamin c

Guinea pigs still need vitamins in order to be healthy and be energetic. Just because the dart around roaming from one to another does not mean that they are receiving all of the nutrients that they need. An adult hamster or guinea pig will need at least 25 mg of vitamin c every day. Pregnant guinea pigs with need more at around 30 to 40 mg of vitamin c. Sometimes well you may have great feed the Vitamin C need my not be met. This might be because your guinea pigs have grown or that they are now pregnant but all in all it is always better to make sure that the vitamin needs of your cute little pets will be met. This is why finding the best guinea pig Vitamin C product in the market is something that every serious guinea pig owner must do. Just because products would state that they are vitamin c supplements does not mean that they have the best.

Let us take a look at five of the best guinea pig Vitamin C products in the market today.

Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C Supplement

The company Oxbow was established in 1980, which means that they have more than 30 years of making quality products for our pets especially the small ones like guinea pigs and hamsters. What they do specialize in actually is food supplements and beddings for our small furry friends. Being one of the global leaders for food supplements for small animals, they do not have any reason to interrupt their long history of making excellent products for our pets. The company also offers multivitamin supplements and also digestive supplements for your small pets.

The product itself is actually quite inexpensive, given that it comes from a relatively popular and well-known company. This product is in solid state meaning it has to be chewed and digested by the guinea pigs. The packaging is actually nice since it is capable of being opened and closed with a zip lock. It also has the visual aesthetics of being vitamin c due to the fact that most of the packaging is in the color orange which is what people usually see Vitamin C pills. No preservatives or additives where added ensuring good health and wellness for your furry little creatures. A great product which is inexpensive, I will give this product 4 stars out of 5.


Oasis Vita-Drops Guinea Pig Multi-Vitamins

With the history that spans more than fifty years, Kordon has been giving excellent quality products for the pets and their owners. They have been doing great work ever since the company was established by biological scientists in San Francisco, California. Not only were they actually been credited with making the very first aquarium ammonia detoxifier and the first small animal water bottle that was capped at an angle, they have also made innovations and improvements to designs of pet accessories. Being driven by innovation, it is no surprise that their products are actually very well liked and very much in demand ever since with their long-standing history. They have actually come a long way, having started in specializing for fishes, they have now grown to also take care of reptiles, small animals and even dogs. You can be assured of high quality by using products of this company.

Being made by scientists who are experts in their field, this by to drop a product could definitely give the guinea pigs the boost of vitamin c that they need. The great thing about this is that it is this soluble in water meaning it doesn’t require a lot of digestion for the guinea pigs and hamsters. This means a more efficient flow and usage vitamin c. That would mean that your hamsters and guinea pigs would be healthier. Healthy your pets mean energetic pets, and energetic pads would make the owners extremely happy. One of the excellent products available in the market, I give this 4 and 3/4 stars out of possible 5.


Oasis Vita-Drops Concentrated High Potency Pure C for Guinea Pigs

While hardly surprising, Kordon has offered another vitamin c supplement other than the previous one. Kordon is known for being a company that focuses on the science and chemistry for their products, due to the pedigree of the founders and the team. The great thing about vitamin c is that it is very difficult to have an overdose simply because any excess vitamin c is excreted by urine. That is the big advantage of using liquid drops like the ones found in this product and the previous one. This means that if ever there is a danger of overdose, which chances are is very rare or even none at all, then due to the fact that it is in liquid state, then you can be assured of the health of your little pet.

The dropper itself is actually very convenient. It is so easy to take a drop and then have it added to the water. The vital drops by this company is also quite inexpensive. My only take is that bigger sizes should be available. However, due to the fact that it is easy to use, reasonably priced, and does its job very well, then i would say this is also, like the previous product, one of the best vitamin c supplement for small animals available in the market.


Vitakraft Guinea Pig Drops

The company vitakraft is also one of the better companies when it comes to giving out food supplements for small animals. This product is an interesting one because there is an added characteristic not found on other vitamin c supplements, which is the flavor. Interestingly enough, they added a yoghurt flavour to the guinea-pig drops. So this contains a natural whey and protein, together with of course Vitamins C. It also has no artificial colouring and the packaging itself is also great. All in all, it is a solid product, which merit 4 stars out of 5.


Oxbow Essentials Cavy Cuisine

The last vitamin c supplement is actually from Oxbow. Why did look simple and straightforward enough, it is actually very packed with nutrients so rather than being a liquid drop, it actually takes the form of food, making it not only a supper food supplement for your back, but also as an alternative feed for your cute little guinea pig. I just find it a bit too pricey, but all in all it is above average especially regarding the density of nutrients.  Due to the price, this product is given 3 and a half stars out of 5.